Soopergood White Chocolate with Almond Mylk

No added sugar vegan white chocolate with almond mylk.

No added sugar vegan white chocolate with almond mylk. A melt in your mouth creamy sensation of rich cocoa butter infused with delicious almond mylk.

Soopergood’s healthier chocolate bar is a 40g bar with 165 kcal and only 2 grams of net carbs* with nothing artificial! Our vegan white chocolate with almond m*lk is sweetened with Stevia plant extract and fruit & plant derived Erythritol.

Soopergood chocolate is rich, delicious, and smooth tasting. Perfect for those who want to reduce their sugar intake but don’t want to sacrifice taste. Treat yourself with a clear conscience!


Net Weight: 40g

*Net carbs (2g) = Carbohydrates (12g) – Polyols (10g) per bar
The Polyols in Erythritol have no calories and no effect on the blood sugar



Erythritol, almonds 25%, inulin, cocoa butter, sea salt, ground vanilla, sweetener (steviol glycosides). 

Allegens: Nuts


- no added sugar

- keto friendly

- only 2g net carbs per bar 

- vegan

- gluten free

- non GMO