Simply Keto Dark Chocolate Bar with Wild Berries

Dark lower-carb & keto chocolate with no added sugar, with at least 60% cocoa & wild berries. Strong chocolate flavor with fruity wild berries, no added sugar and only 5 g net carbohydrates per 100 g.

Dark lower-carb & keto chocolate with no added sugar, with at least 60% cocoa & wild berries. Strong chocolate flavor with fruity wild berries,  no added sugar and only 5 g net carbohydrates per 100 g. This makes it perfect for the lower carb & ketogenic diet. But of course also for everyone who would like to avoid sugar  or would like to have a healthy snack!


Natural & authentic sweetness

Instead of sugar, we use an erythritol-stevia mix for our Simply Keto chocolates. Both  erythritol and stevia have 0 calories, no usable carbohydrates and therefore no effect on blood sugar. Both are natural sugar alternatives and when combined have a very sugar-like taste. Stevia alone can sometimes have a bitter aftertaste, while erythritol can sometimes have a cool aftertaste. Together, both sugar alternatives balance each other out and achieve a tasty sweetness without any aftertaste!


Not only low in carbohydrates, but also reduced in calories!

The chocolates are not only low in carbohydrates, they are also reduced in calories compared to conventional chocolates. The Simply Keto dark chocolate with wild berries has 25% fewer calories!


Vegan, gluten free & soy free

Since we do not use dairy products with our dark chocolate, they are vegan and lactose-free. Plus , they're soy -free and gluten-free, too! Diabetics can also be happy because these chocolates have no effect on blood sugar and are therefore also perfect for diabetics. This means that our sugar-free chocolate tastes just as good as conventional sugary chocolate - without the disadvantages that sugar brings! Snacking without regrets, but with pleasure.


Net weight: 125g



Cocoa mass, sweetener: erythritol, cocoa butter, inulin, highly de-oiled cocoa powder, mixture of wild berries (2% in varying proportions: strawberries, raspberries, cranberries), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural wild berry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, sweetener: steviol glycosides (0.026%).May contain traces of milk, soy, nuts and sesame. Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess. Contains naturally occurring sugars.


Nutritional values ​​per 100 g: 

Corresponds to 5 g of usable carbohydrates per 100 g.
Usable carbohydrates = total carbohydrates - polyhydric alcohols (erythritol) 

calorific value 1680 kJ / 408 kcal
fat 36 g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids 22 g
carbohydrates 34 g
- of which sugars 2 g
– of which polyhydric alcohols (erythritol) 29 g
protein 7 g
salt 0,09 g