Protero Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Pure whey protein concentrate from Irish pasture milk - the original

Natural, delicious and high in protein!

Made in Ireland

Pure whey protein concentrate from Irish pasture milk - the original

Natural, delicious and high in protein!

This is our Protero Weide Whey Protein. Thanks to our high demands on ourselves, we have produced the absolute best protein powder that has it all. For us it's not just about a lot of protein, but also happy cows, grazing and a creamy, full taste.

Grazing for that extra bit of enjoyment

The milk for our whey protein comes from grass-fed Irish cows. And you can taste it too! Since Ireland has a full grazing system, you can be absolutely sure that the cows that gave you your Proteo Weide Whey Protein live a species-appropriate life in the fresh air. So you not only get the best of enjoyment, but also have a good conscience when enjoying!

Suitable for a Primal or Paleo diet

Due to the short winter stable season, we avoid sourcing milk despite feeding hay, so that our Weide Whey meets the highest requirements of a Paleo diet.

OMEGA 3 & CLA - Natural fat burners
The fatty acids, often referred to as fat burners, which are particularly contained in Irish grass-fed milk, are preserved in the Weide Whey Protein through the ultrafiltration process and spray-drying - with a proud 7.6g of fat per 100g of protein powder.

Pure protein powder - 100% natural!
We don't cheat! Weide Whey contains no fillers, aromas, purines or sweeteners.

Perfect for your post workout
Whether you use our whey protein for your post-workout shake, as an ingredient in a protein pancake or as a low-carb snack - you can use it to conjure up the best that whey protein can do, anytime, anywhere.

So don't hesitate any longer and try it the natural way! With the Protero Weide Whey you get the best out of nature and give you and your body a boost.

Made in Ireland



Whey protein concentrate (from grass-fed milk), soy lecithin

Contains 33 servings


Information for allergy sufferers

milk, soy


Nutritional information

  •   to 100g pro Portion (30g)
    calorific value 410kCal / 1718kJ  123kCal / 515kJ
    Fett 7,5g 2,2g
    hereof: saturated fatty acids 6,2g 1,86g
    carbohydrates 5,7g 1,7g
    Protein 81.7g 24,51g
    Salt 0,1g 0,03g


    Amino acid profile

      is 100 g Protein
    BCAA 19,5g
    Alanin 4.3g
    arginine 2.4g
    aspartic acid 9,5g
    glutamic acid 15,2g
    glycine 1,7g
    histidine 1.6g
    Lysine 8,1g
    Methionine 1.6g
    Phenylalanin 2.9g
    Proline 5.0g
    Cool 4.3g
    Tyrosine 2,7g


    Consumption recommendation

    Mix 3 tablespoons of protein powder with 250-300ml of milk or water. Please inform yourself about your individual protein requirements. This can vary greatly and also depend heavily on your diet, such as keto, low-carb etc.
    We recommend consuming 30g one to three times a day.


    A notice

    The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet.

    Keep cool and dry out of the reach of small children.