Protero Fermented Kefir Whey Isolate

A happy gut with Protero Kefir Whey - the first fermented whey protein!

Made in Ireland

A happy gut with Protero Kefir Whey - the first fermented whey protein!

* Lactose-free

* Benefits the microbiota

* Reduces bloating (no more protein farts)

* Keto-friendly 0g carbs/sugar

* 91g protein in 100g of powder

* 100% natural from Irish pasture farms

* Highly bio-available due to a high amount of di-&tripeptides (predigested protein)


Fermentation - The magic that elevates a whey protein to a true superfood Natural fermentation with kefir cultures makes all the difference. The protein is broken up into smaller peptides - a process otherwise undertaken by the body that causes bloating. Fermentation also gets rid of the lactose and creates bioactive post-fermentation micronutrients that feed the good bacteria in the microbiome.

Made in Ireland



Natural fermentation with kefir cultures as an ideal complement to the microbiome


With our Weide Whey we have already proven that dietary supplements can not only be 100% natural but also produced sustainably . With Kefir Whey from Protero, you now have a protein powder that also ideally complements your intestinal flora (microbiome) through natural fermentation with kefir cultures .

The fermentation not only increases the nutrient density but also completely converts nutrients. For example, lactose is broken down and bioactive substances are created that allow prebiotic bacteria such as bifidobacteria to multiply in the microbiome. This is called bifidogenic activity.


Make protein work better and faster where it is needed

Anyone who buys a protein powder would like to have as high a protein content as possible. With Kefir Whey it is an excellent 91g while concentrates are 60-80g per 100g powder.

But whether the protein gets to where it is needed is influenced by other factors. Not every protein is the same. Scientists agree that vegetable proteins are less easily absorbed by the body than animal proteins. (Source: British Journal of Nutrition )

The amino acids play a special role here. The Kefir Whey has a unique amino acid profile . The essential amino acids make up 26.87% - an absolute top value. You will hardly find any other protein with a higher value.

Amino Acid Profile Kefir Whey


Thanks to a trick, Kefir Whey is absorbed particularly well and quickly

Conventional whey isolate already performs very well. But some people have trouble breaking down protein chains into their smaller components. This usually happens in the stomach and can make some people bloated, especially eating a large amount of protein at once. In the fitness scene, the phenomenon has long been known as "protein farts". But fermentation can help with that.

Smaller doses, bigger effect

Due to the fermentation, the protein in Kefir Whey is already split into di- and tripeptides , making it easier for the body to absorb it. The protein is pre-digested, so to speak, and this task is relieved of the stomach. This prevents or reduces flatulence and discomfort.

The peptides are then absorbed by the small intestine. Since Kefir Whey contains a particularly high proportion of di- and tripeptides, these can quickly pass through the stomach and be absorbed directly by the small intestinal wall. This is what is meant when talking about bioavailability. The bioavailability makes a statement about how well a protein can actually be metabolized by the body.

The Kefir Whey shows why the bioavailability is actually excellent   . Despite the higher price per gram, many customers switch to the new Kefir Whey. Considering the high bioavailability and high protein content, it becomes clear that the price is relative.

Protein Absorption


Fermented whey protein - a category of its own

If you read the Wikipedia article on whey protein , you will find the quality levels whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate - the highest quality, purest protein to date.

Similar to fermented kefir whey, the protein is also broken down into smaller components in the hydrolyzate. However, it is also broken down into the smallest components, the individual amino acids. Anyone who has ever consumed pure amino acid powder knows how bitter amino acids taste. Therefore, pure hydrolyzate can hardly be found on the market.

Fermented whey protein combines the advantages of the hydrolyzate while overcoming its disadvantages.


The differences and similarities between whey protein hydrolyzate and fermented whey protein

  • Both (pure) hydrolyzate and fermented whey protein contain a very high protein content of over 90g (per 100g) and can be considered the purest form of whey protein.
  • Both forms are sugar-free, fat-free and lactose-free.
  • What both have in common is that they can be metabolized very quickly and efficiently by the body, since the proteins are broken down into peptides.
  • While (pure) whey protein hydrolyzate tastes very bitter, Kefir Whey is pleasantly neutral and milky.
  • Hydrolyzate is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. With Kefir Whey, the centuries-old process of fermentation comes into play.

Other advantages of fermentation - no lactose

Fermented milk products are very different from non-fermented milk products. Undesirable components from the whey are converted during the natural fermentation and are hardly or not at all present in the end product. An example of this is lactose. Therefore the Kefir Whey is lactose free .

At the same time, fermentation increases complexity and nutrient density as the kefir cultures produce additional nutrients.


State-of-the-art manufacturing processes combined with the ancient art of fermentation

In the most modern plants of our raw material supplier, pasture milk from the surrounding area is made into whey and natural kefir cultures are added to it. The fermentation takes place for 12-18 hours at 25°. The whey then goes through cold filtration in the ceramic filter and becomes whey. Through further, finer filtration, the whey loses the lactose and fatty acids, so that the protein content increases further.
After spray drying, a lactose-free whey isolate protein powder of the highest quality with a protein content of 91g remains.

This is how Kefir Whey is made


Not just for athletes

Protein supplements are no longer just for bodybuilders, gym goers or athletes. Whether as part of a low-carb or Atkins diet, protein powders can support and facilitate a high-protein diet. So the Kefir Whey Protein can not only be taken as a protein shake. It can also be used as a baking protein and an ingredient in various dishes .

Kefir whey recipe


Game changer protein with the usual taste & texture

The new Protero Kefir Whey does not lack the creaminess known from Weide Whey. It tastes a bit milder and more neutral and mixes very well . Anyone expecting the taste of kefir will be disappointed. The Protero Kefir Whey does not show a sour note due to the microfiltration to whey isolate.

The Kefir Whey Protein is unique in its production and inner values ​​but builds on the usual taste and texture of a conventional high-quality protein powder. So put the item in your shopping cart and you will soon be able to enjoy a real game-changer protein.


ingredient list

Fermented whey protein isolate (from grass-fed milk), soy lecithin

Food powder made from whey protein isolate for the preparation of cold drinks. Contains 25 servings.


nutritional information

to 100g pro Portion (30g)
calorific value 364kCal / 1525kJ  109kCal / 457,5kJ
Fett 0,1g
carbohydrates 0,1g
Protein 91g
Salt 0g 0g


Consumption recommendation

 Stir 3 tablespoons into 250-300ml water or milk. Daily consumption 30g.


Information for allergy sufferers

Milk, soy (less than 1%)

a notice

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet.

Keep cool and dry out of the reach of small children.