Breads: Keto and Low Carb Recipes (Volume 1 - Lin Switzerland)

About The Book

A compilation of recipes created and short stories through the Lin Switzerland journey.

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About The Book

The first 100 copies are personally signed by the authors. 


A compilation of recipes created and short stories through the Lin Switzerland journey.


Read about the founding of the business and how it quickly found success in Switzerland.  Experience the joys and heartaches of running a small business with personal stories from Charlene (Lin) and Oliver of 48-hour work days and non-stop speed marathons. 


Join in the farewell when the business drew its final curtains in Switzerland over Easter 2023.


In this book capturing the innovations and dreams, learn how to bake with original recipes of Keto and Low Carb breads created by Chef Oliver as if he would be next to you. The recipes are brought to life with instructions that are peppered with stories and inspirations that have made Lin Switzerland so well-loved by all whom it has touched.


This is Volume 1 of 7 of Lin Switzerland's full collection of recipes encapsulating the three years of relentless search for perfection.


Recipes include:

Keto Vegan Bread Loaf

Keto Vegan White Loaf

Keto Butterzopf

Keto Savoury Schnecke

Keto Sweet Schnecke

Keto Little Rascals

Keto Baguette

Keto Bread Roll

Keto Mutschli

Keto Puffy Bread

Keto Pizza Base

Keto Vegan Wraps

Keto Protein Bread

Keto Coconut Bread

Keto Flute

Keto Party Bread

Keto Bagel


Written by Charlene (Lin) Chong and Oliver Krstic

Publication Date: July 2023