• Why did you close your Keto Fresh Bakery in May 2023?

    To continue offering the same innovative and high quality keto and low-carb bakes and pâtisserie that customers have come to know Lin Switzerland for, the bakery must change.

    Currently, chefs and founders Oliver Krstic & Charlene (Lin) Chong work round the clock to deal with the demand. Without the possibility to scale its operations, it has become humanly impossible to maintain its form today without sacrificing quality in time to come. Therefore, the decision was undertaken to re-invent Lin Switzerland into a Keto Baking School. You can read more about it in our blog.

  • When and where are your baking classes held?

    Our baking classes in Switzerland will be held in various locations. To keep updated on the next classes, you can follow us on Instagram @linswitzerland.

    Apart from Switzerland, we have classes in the United Arab Emirates. To learn more about these classes, please follow us on Instagram @huushgourmet .

  • Who are the baking classes suitable for?

    Home Bakers:
    This is suitable for home bakers who wish to provide the best quality, highly nutritious food for themselves and their families, these classes will be invaluable.

    Professional Bakers:
    Professional bakers who are already well-versed in traditional bakery will find the classes useful to increase their range of skills and be able to confidently add keto and low carb baking to their repertoire.

    Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
    The classes are highly recommended to aspiring entrepreneurs who have an existing home baking business or wish to start one. Be it keto or traditional bakery, learning how to provide keto options in your menu will greatly enhance your offerings for your appreciative clients.

  • Where can I find your recipes?

    We are publishing all our recipes in a series of books. You can order them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all leading book stores and retailers.

    You can also find free recipes here on our blog.