Seoul 2023 - Keto Friendly Restaurants to Discover

  • Aug 03, 2023
  • By Charlene Chong
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If you are following a keto diet, finding great restaurants that cater to your dietary restrictions can be quite challenging. Fortunately, Seoul is a city that has a variety of restaurants that offer delicious keto-friendly dishes without compromising on taste. Whether you're a local or a tourist, here are some keto-friendly restaurants to check out in Seoul recommended to us by our communities worldwide.


As restaurants may change their menus from time to time, its best to check their websites and reviews by following the links, or simply give them a call before you visit them.

Plant is a vegetarian restaurant in Seoul that offers many gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly options. Their menu is full of delicious salads, soups, and entrees that are all made with fresh and organic ingredients. Their "Keto Bowl" is particularly popular and is made with an assortment of greens, crispy tofu, avocado, and a variety of other veggies.

Manimal Smokehouse
Manimal Smokehouse is a popular restaurant in Seoul that is known for its delicious BBQ. While their menu may consist mostly of meat dishes, they offer numerous keto-friendly options such as smoked beef brisket, pork ribs, and smoked turkey. Their selection of low-carb side dishes such as collard greens and coleslaw are also worth trying. 



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Mikkeller Seoul

Mikkeller Seoul is a trendy craft beer bar that serves delicious food to match their beers. They offer a variety of low-carb dishes perfect for keto-dieters, such as steak tartare, spicy pork belly, and smoked brisket. The beer selection is also impressive if you're into craft beers.

Butchers Cut

This steakhouse in Itaewon offers a great selection of meats and is perfect for anyone on the keto diet. Their organic Australian sirloin steak is the perfect keto meal that is both healthy and delicious.

Palsaik Samgyeopsal

This restaurant is famous for its eight-flavor pork belly. Their pork belly is grilled to perfection and is served with various keto-friendly side dishes. This restaurant also offers an all-you-can-eat option, making it a perfect place to indulge in meaty goodness.

Vatos Urban Tacos 

This Mexican restaurant in Itaewon offers keto-friendly options such as tacos wrapped in lettuce instead of tortillas. Their grilled steak and chicken tacos are both keto-friendly options, and their guacamole is a perfect addition

Finding keto-friendly restaurants in Seoul can be quite challenging, but with this list of recommendations, you'll be sure to find delicious and healthy food options during your trip to this city. Whether you're in the mood for steak, BBQ, or Mexican cuisine, these keto-friendly restaurants will definitely satisfy your cravings. So, go ahead and enjoy your meal without worrying about your diet!


Do you know of any more keto friendly restaurants in Seoul? Share the news so we can all go and check them out!



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