Lisbon 2023 - Keto Friendly Restaurants to Check Out

  • Aug 12, 2023
  • By Charlene Chong
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If you're following a keto diet, you might be worried about maintaining your eating habits during vacations or business trips. Luckily, Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, offers plenty of options to enjoy delicious low-carb meals. From traditional Portuguese dishes to international cuisine, you'll find a wide range of keto-friendly restaurants to choose from. We highlight some of the best spots as recommended to us by communities worldwide. Try them out and keep yourself in line with your keto diet on your upcoming trip to Lisbon.

As restaurants may change their menus from time to time, its best to check their websites and reviews by following the links, or simply give them a call before you visit them.

Prado Restaurante
Located near the São Bento Palace. Prado Restaurante promotes local and sustainable ingredients, which makes it a great option for the visiting health enthusiast. The restaurant offers seasonal dishes and uses high-quality, organic ingredients to prepare the food. We recommend trying out their Grilled Octopus with sweet potatoes and vegetables that will leave you filled and on track with your keto diet.


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Tasca da Esquina

Renowned chef Vitor Sobral modernizes classic Portuguese cuisine while using fresh local ingredients to prepare keto-friendly meals. The restaurant is located in Campo de Ourique district, and it's a great spot to hang out with friends or business partners. We recommend tasting their garlic prawns with a side of grilled vegetables- it's a perfect low-carb option for those following the keto diet.


SEA ME Peixaria Moderna
If you're looking for a restaurant with a view, SEA ME Peixaria Moderna is a must-visit restaurant. You can enjoy your dinner indoors or on the rooftop terrace with a view of all of Lisbon. Sea Me specializes in fresh seafood grilled to perfection, offering dishes such as grilled octopus and monkfish, among others. For a keto-friendly option, try the grilled sea bass with roasted vegetables that's packed with flavors but low in carbs.


A Padaria Portuguesa
A pet-friendly venue with gluten-free and keto-friendly options, A Padaria Portuguesa is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat if you're running low on time. With over fifteen restaurants spread across Lisbon, this bakery is a local favourite for artisan bread and light breakfast options. For a low-carb and keto-friendly option, we recommend their scrambled eggs with mushrooms and smoked salmon, a perfect way to start your Lisbon morning.


Boa-Bao is an Asian fusion restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes inspired by the flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Their menu is full of keto-friendly options, such as stir-fried meats and vegetables, sashimi-style seafood, and delicious curries made with coconut milk. The restaurant's relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff only add to the experience.

The Decadente

Located in Lisbon's trendy Bairro Alto neighborhood, The Decadente is a laid-back restaurant that specializes in traditional Portuguese dishes with a modern twist. Many of their dishes are already naturally low-carb and high-fat, such as grilled octopus, codfish cakes, and roasted veal. They also have a great selection of Portuguese wines and craft beers to enjoy on their beautiful outdoor terrace.

The Green Affair
If you're looking for a 100% keto-friendly restaurant, The Green Affair is the place to be. This cozy and welcoming restaurant serves only low-carb and healthy dishes, with no added sugar or gluten. Their menu includes keto staples such as bunless burgers, steak with veggies, and cauliflower gratin. The restaurant also has a range of keto desserts such as cheesecake and chocolate mousse. 

Lisbon offers plenty of options for low-carb and keto-friendly restaurants for health enthusiasts. From pet-friendly bakeries to French-style restaurants, the city offers something for everyone. You can maintain your keto diet in Lisbon while still having a great time indulging in the city's beautiful landmarks and attractions. We hope this list will help you in discovering some amazing places to dine in Lisbon in 2023. Plan your trip and enjoy the unique and healthy cuisine this city has to offer!


Do you know of any more keto friendly restaurants in Lisbon? Share the news so we can all go and check them out!



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