Indulgence Without Guilt: Keto Pistachio and Rose Ice Cream Recipe

  • Sep 11, 2023
  • By Charlene Chong
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Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food, perfect for those hot summer days, a bad break-up, or even for celebrating your latest achievement. However, traditional ice cream is high in sugar and carbs, making it unsuitable for a keto diet. With this keto-friendly recipe for pistachio and rose water ice cream, you can indulge without guilt. We share this delicious recipe and its nutritional value, so you can enjoy your favourite treat while staying on track with your keto lifestyle.

Ingredients: (click on the ingredients for buying recommendations)
2 cups of unsweetened almond milk
1 cup of heavy cream
2/3 cup of powdered erythritol
2 tbsp of rose water
1 tsp of vanilla extract
½ tsp of ground cardamom
1/3 cup of unsalted, roasted pistachios, finely chopped


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- In a mixing bowl, whisk together almond milk, heavy cream, powdered erythritol, rose water, vanilla extract, and cardamom until well combined.
- Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and churn, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
- Once the ice cream starts to thicken, add the chopped pistachios and continue to churn until you reach the desired consistency.
- Transfer the ice cream to a freezer-safe container and freeze for 2-4 hours, until firm.

Nutritional Values:
Calories per serving: 215 kcal
Total fat: 21g
Net carbs: 4g
Protein: 3g

Benefits of Pistachios and Rose Water:
Apart from being an indulgent treat, this keto ice cream recipe also contains many health benefits. Pistachios are high in antioxidants, fibre, and protein while also being low in carbs. Therefore, they are excellent for those following a keto diet. Rose water is a natural mood booster and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts as an antibacterial, aiding with digestion, and promoting healthy skin.

Tips and Variations:
• To make vegan ice cream, substitute heavy cream with full-fat coconut milk.
• Add a drop of green food colouring to give your ice cream a more intense green.
• Instead of pistachios, you can substitute with almonds or walnuts.

Eating healthy does not mean giving up all of your favourite treats. This recipe for keto-friendly pistachio and rose water ice cream is proof of that. Instead of feeling guilty for indulging in high-carb, high-sugar ice cream, this recipe is a guilt-free option made with low-carb, wholesome ingredients. Eating healthily does not have to be a chore, and indulging in a healthy way can still be delicious!


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