Nutritional Benefits of Okara Flour for Keto Baking

  • Jul 14, 2023
  • By Charlene Chong
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The ketogenic diet has been widely acknowledged for its numerous health benefits. However, for individuals who still have a sweet tooth, the restriction on carbohydrate-rich foods might prove difficult. But there’s no need to fret, as okara flour has become popular amongst ketogenic dieters. Okara flour is a gluten-free and protein-rich flour made from the by-product of soy milk extract. In this blog, we will delve into the nutritional benefits of okara flour and how to effectively utilise it in making keto-friendly baked goods.

High Protein Content
Okara flour is obtained from soybean pulp, which is the by-product of the soy milk extraction process. As such, it has a high protein content. In fact, 100g of okara flour contains about 30g of protein, making it a perfect ingredient for those on a high-protein diet such as the keto diet. This high protein content helps to promote muscle growth, muscle repair, and weight loss, making it an ideal addition to the keto diet.

Okara flour is gluten-free and suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivity. With the increase in the number of people who have developed allergies to gluten and the harmful effects that it has on certain autoimmune diseases, gluten-free options have become more popular. The availability of okara flour as a gluten-free option has opened up many possibilities for those on the keto diet who are looking for alternatives.

High Fibre Content
Okara flour is high in fibre, which is essential for digestion and gut health. It contains 19g of fibre per 100g of flour. Higher fibre helps you maintain a healthy gut microbiome and avoid bloating. Moreover, fibre prolongs digestion, promoting fullness after eating, which is beneficial when trying to lose weight.


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Okara flour is versatile and can be used to make a variety of baked goods. It can be used in keto-friendly bread, cakes, pizza crusts, and even pancakes. The nutty taste of the flour adds a unique flavor to these baked goods, and its high protein content makes them more filling and satisfying. Try our Simple Keto Okara Flour Pizza Crust Recipe here!

How to Use Okara Flour in Keto Baking
Although it has a high protein content, okara flour is not a 1:1 substitute for almond or coconut flour when baking. Okara flour has a sticky texture and needs to be combined with other flours, such as coconut flour or almond flour, to achieve the perfect consistency. A good rule of thumb is to use less okara flour compared to almond flour or coconut flour in baking recipes. If you want to achieve a better taste, use it in combination with higher-fat ingredients such as cream cheese, butter, eggs, or oil.

Okara flour is a nutritious and versatile ingredient that can be an excellent addition to the keto diet. Its high protein content, gluten-free nature, high fibre content, and versatility make it a perfect ingredient for making keto-friendly baked goods. When using okara flour, it is recommended to combine it with other keto flours and to keep in mind that it is typically denser due to its higher protein content. When used in baking recipes in the right way, okara flour can help you stick to your keto goals without sacrificing the taste and texture of your favorite baked goods.


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